About Us

Crowder Jr. Company Photo of Vehichles from early 1900's and Today
Since industry began converting from steam and waterpower to electricity, the Crowder Jr. Company has been helping industrial and commercial enterprises throughout the Lehigh Valley and beyond to make this source of energy more useful, convenient and economical.

Harry N. Crowder, Jr., the visionary for the business, was a Brooklyn-bred steam-packing equipment salesman who traveled extensively throughout western New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania selling his products. Being favorably impressed with the area and his customer base, in 1908 Harry settled in Easton, Pennsylvania and became a manufacturers’ representative.

Charles F. Crowder joined his brother, Harry, in 1914 and together they formed the H. N. Crowder Jr. Company. The new business was located at 235 Ferry Street in Easton. With the help of three employees, the business took off and hasn’t looked back since!

As the demand for electrical and mechanical services grew and changed, so did Crowder Jr. Company.

In the mid 1960’s, Harry Crowder and his family were succeeded by the family of Ernest W. Kuhnsman, a faithful and key employee since 1919. The Kuhnsman family continued the tradition with Ernest and then William, his son, operating the business until the mid 1990’s

In 1993 George J. Hoagland, Jr. became President and CEO. The Hoagland family then succeeded the Kuhnsman family in ownership in 1996 and continues the leadership tradition.

For the last 98 years Crowder has served the Lehigh Valley and Tri-state area. And as we continue our commitment to serving industry’s ever changing needs, you can believe that we are truly looking forward to celebrating our 100th Birthday Anniversary.